Comarco Company History

Comarco was founded in 1989, in Fenton, Missouri as a supplier of hollow metal frames and wood doors. The company was started by Bill and Maud Stethem. Bill was a district sales man and retired at age 62 from Steelcraft. Maud was a former nurse for the Original home officeNorthwest School District. Bill and Maud started this business because they wanted to invest in their children and grand-children's future by giving them a career opportunity and financial advantage. They started the company out of their house, then moved to an office and warehouse in Valley Park, and finally to the locations in Fenton and Columbia. Their mission was to provide top quality products from a family operated business that you could depend on and trust. 

Over the years, Comarco has evolved and moved with the world and now supplies products and services for residential and commercial projects, providing hollow metal frames, doors, and hardware. They are suppliers of complete door openings located in Fenton and Columbia Missouri. Comarco is still owned and operated by 2nd and 3rd generation family members and has a personality you can learn to trust and friendship you can rely on. 

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